Fernvale Primary School

Fernvale Primary School

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Somerby Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE7 9PR


0116 241 6722

Modern Foreign Languages (MfL)

At Fernvale, pupils learn French from Year 3 onwards. Each class in Key Stage 2 has a weekly lesson taught by the class teacher. 

The French curriculum is delivered using a variety of specially developed audio-visual resources to enable pupils to develop understanding and confidence whilst also having fun.  In Year 3 pupils begin by responding to spoken and written French using gestures, words and phrases. By the end of Year 6 they will be able to express simple ideas and opinions in spoken and written French.

They will also be able to read simple texts and understand grammatical structures. The language skills learned in French lessons provide pupils with a strong foundation for learning further languages in the future.

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