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EYFS New Starters

EYFS New Starters

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We are delighted that you have chosen to send your child to Fernvale Primary School. As parents, some of you will already have some knowledge of the school with siblings already at school whilst for others, this  will be your child’s first experience of school life.

Here is some information about our induction process we hope you find it useful. 

Kind regards,  The EYFS Team


Thank you for telephoning the school to confirm your place. 

We will be collating your child's pre-school and staff from the EYFS will be visiting the preschools in June. 


Our first event will be our Induction Evening for Parents/Carers on Wednesday 12th June 2023 at 6pm. During this meeting you will get key information, a small pack of further information including finding out who your child's teacher will be, learn about the EYFS curriculum and spend time in the EYFS unit.  This event is for parents only, no children. 

Then we would like to invite you and your child to our Stay and Play 

If your surname is A-L then your stay and play is Wednesday 26th June 9.15-10.30 

If your surname is M-Z then your stay and play is Thursday 27th June 9.15-10.30 

We will need you to stay with your child at this event and sorry but no younger siblings can be accommodated.

Then we would like your child to come for a school visit and stay at school with us for this session. 

If your surname is A-L then your child's visit is Monday 8th July from 1.30-3.00 

If your surname is M-Z then your child's visit is Tuesday 9th July from 1.30-3.00 


We will settle the children into school by having a staggered entry into full time school with all children full time from Thursday 7th September with options for longer staggered entry if required.

Here is the plan. 

Staggered Entry Timetable

Group 1 Surname A-L

Tuesday 27th  August  8.45 - 11.30

Wednesday  28th August 1.15 - 3.15

Thursday  29th August    8.45 - 11.30 

Friday 30th August 1.15-3.15

Monday 2nd - Wednesday 4th September   8.45 - 1.00 (staying for lunch)

Thursday 5th - Friday 6th 8.45 - 3.15 Full Day


Group 1 Surname M-Z

Tuesday 27th  August 1.15 - 3.15

Wednesday  28th August 8.45 - 11.30

Thursday 29th August   1.15 - 3.15 

Friday 30th August  8.45 - 11.30

Monday 2nd - Wednesday 4th September   8.45 - 1.00 (staying for lunch)

Thursday 5th - Friday 6th 8.45 - 3.15 Full Day


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