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Parent Survey

Survey Results for Summer 2024 - School Vision and Values 

 30 parents replied with 98% positive feedback.

Q. List top things about your child's time at school so far.

'Friendship and a sense of loyalty and community'   

'The school has built a strong sense of community within the classroom and across the school' 

'Made good friends, likes their teachers and enjoys the after school clubs'

'They are known individually, there is a healthy attitude to learning and the school provides good opportunities'

'Confidence levels have grown, ability to learn and friendships made'     'Acceptance and respect' 

As a result of the feedback we received from parents, and in consultation with staff, pupils and Governors, we changed our school strap line, revised our Diamond Rules and the 20 school values we hold.

Survey Results for Summer 2023 - Homework

109 parents took part in our survey with the majority believing that the amount of homework their child receives is the right amount.

The most popular statements which parents agreed with were:

'Homework helps to develop independent work'.

'Homework reinforces work begun at school'.

'Homework helps to inform parents about what their child is learning and ways in which they can support their child’s learning'.

'As a parent, homework helps me play a part in my child’s education'.

'It is good practice for schools to give out homework'.

As a result of the feedback we received from parents, homework is now set on the same day by all classes and collected in on the same day by all classes, making it easier for families. All pupils have the opportunity to complete pieces over the weekend.

Annual Report 2023 Results

84 parents replied with 98% positive feedback on their child's year. 

'Thank you to all the teachers for what you have done. We thank you for everything'

'A massive thank you for being amazing teachers and role models'

'Excellent report - we will focus on areas for improvement and thank you for your support' 

'Wonderful, thank you, very positive and we are very excited to watch him grow'

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