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Sport Premium Funding

Sport Premium funding, also known as Olympic Legacy funding, for Physical Education and School Sport was announced by the government in March 2013. This substantial sum of £150m per year is running from September 2013 to August 2020. The new ‘ring-fenced’ funding – only to be spent on PE and sport – will go directly to schools who will decide what is best for their children’s needs with the aim of improving the quality of provision in every state primary school in England. This could vary from specialist coaching for school sport and teacher training for Physical Education and Physical Literacy or to dedicated sports programmes, Change4Life sport clubs and support for after-school or weekend competitions.

Here at Fernvale Primary School we will be receiving around £8500 which, in accordance with the guidance, we will be channelling directly into developing the provision of Sport and PE throughout the school. 

Sport Premium 2016 - 17

The priorities this year are:

  • The provision of storage to cater for the amount of resources we have in school. This will involve:
  • Purchasing new storage units for the indoor PE store which will fit against the wall, thus clearing room for the PE mats to also be stored against the other wall, making it much easier to access the space. £300
  • Purchasing new ball racks and hoops racks (mobile) for easy storage and removal. £200
  • Purchasing new weather-proof storage units for the KS2 outdoor shed along with an outdoor trolley for transporting equipment onto the playground and field. £500


  • The provision of a variety of different clubs with a view to increasing physical activity and achieving bronze level in the school games mark. This will involve:
  • KS1 and KS2 Energy Clubs, targeting less active children in the autumn term, run by J. Kirkup: 20 hours at £8.00 per hour = £160
  • Cross country club in the autumn term and Athletics club in the summer term, run by teacher , supported by LSA 20 hours @ £8 per hour = £160
  • Signing up for the mini-gals project and running a club specifically for the less active girls in year 5 with the intention of attending a mini-gals Active Lifestyle Event run by the Oadby and Wigston School Sports Partnership in May. (Sports ambassadors to survey year 5 girls for preferences of clubs.)  Funding for a 6 week course provided by partnership but cost to Fernvale will be 6 x £8.00 (HLTA): £48.00
  • Provision of a golf club following some free curriculum time golf sessions run by Peter Livie from Leicester Golf Club: 10 weeks at £35 per week plus £8.00 LSA = £430
  • Additional Clubs following a whole school survey to be carried out by Sports Ambassadors. (1 blocks of 10 weeks at £30 per week plus £8 LSA = £380

  • Buying resources including;
  • Buying into the competition and CPD package provided by Learning South Leicestershire partnership £800
  • Val Sabin KS2 Games, KS2 Athletics, KS1 Athletics £249
  • Replacing a ripped parachute for KS1; £91
  • Foundation/KS1 Physical development equipment: £1270
  • Resources for Energy Club: £250
  • General resources eg Balls, Beanbags, Frisbees etc £300
  • Basketball hoops for KS2 and KS1 £500
  • Staff CPD:
  • Gymnastics full day course for BP (£225 plus 1 supply day £200.) BP to feed back to others as a refresher.
  • Subject leader day per term for AH (3 x £200 = £600)
  • Additional CPD £850
  • Additional lunchtime supervisor training/”Happy lunchtimes” £600
  • Impact for 2016 to 2017

Sport Premium 2015 - 16

The priorities this year are:

  • The development of the key stage 2 playground to further increase the activity levels of the children. This will involve;
  • Installing permanent basketball posts/nets. (£3000)
  • Improving the markings on the ground. (Approximately £300)
  • Providing further training for lunchtime supervisors/children. (Approximately £200)
  • Purchasing more equipment for lunchtime use. (Approximately £200)
  • The provision of a variety of clubs which will in turn provide CPD opportunities for teachers and LSAs and provide more competitive opportunities. This will involve:
  • Providing basketball coaching both in curriculum time and as an after school club.  (Approximately £800 plus 1 hour a week LSA to support at club)
  • Providing football coaching for after school club
  • Providing tennis coaching for after school club (Approximately £300 plus 1 hour a week LSA to support at club)
  • Providing cricket coaching both in curriculum time and as an after school club. (Approximately £700 plus 1 hour a week LSA to support at club)
  • Provision of 2 energy clubs per week (2 hours a week LSA to run club: plus purchase of prizes/incentives (£80)
  • LSAs to support other clubs; cross country, fun club (2 hours per week LSA: )
  • LSAs to accompany children to competitions: tennis, hockey, table tennis, athletics, multisports; 10 hours
  • LSA CPD / support costs £300
  • Purchasing resources including table tennis bats/balls, general balls, cones, storage etc (£500)
  • Val Sabin Gymnastics full day courses for CY and AW (£380)
  • Subject leader training for AH 2 half day courses (£250)

The impact of the funding will be measured through:

  • Me & My Lifestyles Survey to provide us with data about attitudes towards sport and the impact of school sport.
  • Number of children participating in competitions throughout the year (compared with previous year.)
  • Amount of actual active time in PE lessons (compared with previous year’s observations.)
  • Number of children participating in after school clubs (compared with previous year.)
  • Number of children involved in physical activity during break and lunchtimes.

Impact for 2015 to 2016