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Art and Design

The Art and Design curriculum has been developed to stimulate creativity and imagination and enable all pupils to develop skills in using various media and techniques. Each art topic covers the requirements of the National Curriculum to ensure that pupils develop their knowledge and skills.



Expressive arts and design is one of the seven areas of the early years foundation stage It is used to develop a child's imagination, creativity, and ability to use media and materials. Children do this in a range of ways including singing songs and making music, dancing, playing with colours, textures, and design. All these approaches to expressive arts help children represent and understand their own feelings and ideas.



We use PlanBee to teach children a range of art and design skills.  We want the children to explore art and design through a range of key concepts:-

  • Drawing - Line, Pattern and Texture
  • Painting, Printer and Colour
  • Collage
  • Sculpture and 3-D Art
  • Print
  • Textiles
  • Digital Media
  • Responding to Artwork, taking Inspiration and using a Sketchbook
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