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Future Leaders


At Fernvale we teach our children to undertake roles of responsibility.

Our School Council is elected by their peers and representatives from each class contribute to decision making within school and leading initiatives.

Year 5 children have the very important job of being 'buddies' to Foundation Stage children. They work with them on joint projects and reading ventures and are super role models for our younger children.

Year 5 also take turns to undertake monitor roles and jobs throughout school and our Junior Road Safety Officers have the important task of promoting road safety with all children.

Our recent 'Enterprise Challenge' brought out the competitive side in children as classes went head to head to see who could make the most profit from an original £25 investment (a loan from the PTA!). The children undertook the leadership and decision making roles needed to be a successful leader and entrepreneur with confidence and enthusiasm and we are very proud of both their determination and success in enterprise.