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Year 3 - Phonics and Reading

Key Stage 2 Phonics and Spellings

For children who need additional support with their spelling and reading, they are assessed and intervention is supported with 'Letters and Sounds Phase 1-6'. Sessions are held for 20 minutes every day by an LSA. The use of 'Phonicsplay' supports the teaching of Phonics and some parents have come into school to be shown how to use it at home with their children.


For Guided Reading sessions, led by the teacher or an LSA, resources include: Collins Big Cat, Lightning and the Library Services will provide a set of books to support Non Fiction in History, Geography and Science as well as featured authors e.g. Michael Morpurgo and Anthony Stanton.

For individual readers, KS2 use: Oxford Reading tree, Tree Tops, Franklin Watts - The Crew, Totem Series and Talisman Series 1 and 2. For free readers there are is a wide selection of books which are available in the school library.