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Year 2 English Overview


Moving through year 2 the children are encouraged to become more independent readers and writers. They are expected to write at length applying all the skills they have learnt in phonics to spell accurately and use extended sentences to give the reader more information. In reading activities the children are taught to use the text to answer questions and help infer meaning. Literacy lessons incorporate many aspects of the wider curriculum and allow children to explore their creative side, through role play and drama activities. For example taking on historical or fictional characters improves their speaking and listening skills as they have to perform in character and use the appropriate language. This in turns improves their writing across the curriculum.


Below is a list of the units covered in year 2.


  • Stories with familiar settings
  • Traditional stories
  • Different stories by the same author
  • Extended stories / significant authors
  • Instructions explanations
  • Information text
  • Non chronological reports
  • Patterns on a page
  • Really looking
  • Silly Stuff


Below is the range of skills the children will work on over the year through the above units of work:


  • Speaking, listening and responding
  • Group discussion and interaction
  • Drama
  • Word recognition: decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling)
  • Word structure and spelling of HFW
  • Understanding and interpreting texts using inferred meaning
  • Engaging and responding to texts
  • Creating and shaping texts
  • Text structure and organisation
  • Sentence structure and punctuation
  • Presentation