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Overview of English in Year 1


Throughout the year pupils develop their literacy skills through a variety of engaging topics. Pupils are taught and encouraged to become more confident at applying their reading, writing and communication skills for different purposes. Literacy lessons provide many opportunities for children to express their ideas through speaking and listening activities. Drama is often used to explore a topic and allow children the opportunity to take on different roles.

Below is a list of the topics and themes covered in our year group

Our Toys

  • Writing labels, list and captions.
  • Reading and writing stories with familiar settings.
  • Rhyme and rhythm.


  • Reading and writing stories from a different culture.
  • Writing instructions.

Once upon a time

  • Traditional tales and fairy stories.
  • Reading and writing recounts.

 Where the Wild Things Are

  • Stories with imaginative settings.
  • Fictional recounts.

 Under the Sea

  • Reading and writing information texts.
  • Poems on a theme.