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Year 1W Curriculum in action

In Literacy we learnt to write captions, lists and labels. We then learnt about Stories with repeated patterns. The first story we learnt about was Handa’s Surprise. We wrote about the story and then made our own version by changing parts of the story. We tasted the seven fruits from the story and made our own fruit for homework. We acted out the story with puppets and masks We even learnt a Handa’s surprise dance in PE. We learnt about instructions we ordered them and then wrote our own on how to make African necklaces. The next book we looked at was ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen. We learnt all about adjectives and described the characters and bear. We planned and wrote our own stories based on the one we had read. We explored the cave where the bear lived and wrote about what we found. We even made our own caves!


We have been working hard in maths with numbers to 10. We started the year by learning how we could sort objects and numbers in different ways. We played games to find one more and one less than a given number to 10. We learnt to represent numbers in different ways eg. As words, with pictures and objects etc. We compared numbers using the language more than, less than and equal too as well as learning the symbols for these words.  Most recently we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.


In Geography we learnt all about where we live. We spoke about our addresses, made passports and talked about different types of houses. We used google maps to locate places around where we live. We learnt about plans and ariel views we had a go at drawing our own and building them using construction.  


In Science we learnt about our body and senses. We carried out different experiments to test our sense of hearing, sight, smell and touch. We labelled our body part and we built a skeleton using dog bones! We have also learnt all about everyday materials. We have discussed what things are made from and their properties. We have sorted materials and tested materials. We had to make a musical instrument for homework using everyday materials at home!


In RE we learnt all about ‘What a Christians is and what they believe’. We used people to people to act out the story of the lost son. We spoke about what we thought God might looked like and where he might live.


In Art we learnt about the artist Banksy we made some pictures in his style. We then learnt all about portraits. We made realistic and abstract portraits in different styles. We even made muddled up faces!!


In PE we practiced different ways of travelling under, over and through. We used the skills we had learnt on the apparatus. We have also started learning skills that we can use in games like throwing and catching, bouncing and rolling.


In ICT we have learnt all about the parts of the computer. We have spent a long time practicing logging on to the computer and different programmes using a username and password. We have learnt some basic computing skills like typing and drawing.

Here is a slideshow of our learning.