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Year Six Curriculum Page

Autumn Term 

Anti bullying week

In groups we looked at eight different bullying scenarios and then had to decide which order to put them in from most serious to least serious, thinking about the effects for the people involved.  We also wrote our own letters of advice.

Anne Frank

As part of our work on biographies, we studied Anne Frank.  We were given a number of different key dates and had to put them in chronological order.


After Scrooge had been visited by the third spirit, we had to complete a zone of relevance activity.  Adjectives which best described how he would have felt at the end of the chapter, were placed in the middle circle. Those that did not fit, were placed outside of the circle.

Adding Fractions

In groups we had to add up different unit fractions to make 1.


In Science, we went outside to collect various leaves.  We drew them in our books and then created our own key to identify them.

Warning Zone

We went to the Warning Zone to find out more about internet safety.

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