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Spring Term Learning 

Year 4 Curriculum Page

The children work towards objectives from the National Curriculum. Their subjects include Maths, English, Science, Design Technology, RE, PSHE, Music, Computing, Art, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages  and PE. 



We investigated which materials were conductors and insulators of electricity by making circuits and completing them with different objects.  We found out that all conductors are made of metal.


Sound (Pitch investigation)

In our topic on Sound we investigated how pitch changed with different levels of water in jars.


Sound (Elastic bands)

We found out that the sound made by elastic bands could be changed by making them tighter or slacker.


Sound (string telephones)

We made our own string telephone and tested them to see if we could hear each other.  We found that the tighter we pulled the string the easier it was to hear because the string vibrated more.


During our work on decimals, we played a game which involved rolling a dice and counting in hundredths, exchanging ten hundredths for one tenth then exchanging ten tenths for one whole one.  The first one to one was the winner.


We looked at the designs of Coco Chanel then designed our own hat in the style of her.

World Book Day

For world book day we shared our favourite book with a partner.

Autumn Term Learning 


In literacy, we worked in small groups and acted out a scene from Journey to Johannesburg as part of our stories from other cultures topic. Here is a slideshow.

Design and Technology 

In DT we investigated how parts move by looking at moving story books. Here is a slideshow.


For our topic on bubbles, we made sherbet using icing sugar, bicarbonate of soda and citric acid.  We tried to make it sweeter, fizzier and more sour.  We tasted them and evaluated them and then drew bar charts to display our data, linking the topic to maths.